Highest Paid Entertainment Jobs in America

by Rich DeMatteo on September 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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Just about everyone dreams of a high paying job that they enjoy. Imagine having an amazing career that would be the envy just about anyone. A career in any of these fields could have your nest egg looking pretty, setting you up for a dream retirement. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you are properly handing your wealth so that you can transition into retirement smoothly. You can even try putting in the amount you earn into a simulator (like this retirement simulator by Suncorp) to get a rough idea of how well your profession is paving a path to elderly bliss.

Check out these high paying jobs to see if you have the talent or stamina to earn an incredible salary that sure beats how much you’ll make sitting at a desk each week.

Standup Comedian

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? If you’ve always been one to crack some jokes and get a good laugh out of people, consider a career as a standup comedian. Sure, it may start as a part time gig for a while, but the opportunity is there to earn millions. Imagine the possibility of bringing home over $10,000 for each standup comedy gig you book, simply by bringing some giggles to your crowd.


Say you’re a prankster that’s always playing tricks on their buddies. If you love entertaining others and watching their expressions of shock when you pull a fast one on them, consider a career as a magician. The pay may not be that of a CEO of a huge company, but it sure beats working at a fast food restaurant. Magicians get to perform their own shows for all different kinds of groups, watching people be impressed by their trickery, and they get to have a ton of fun every work day while making a salary of around $49,000 per year.

Rock Star

Just about every kid has dreamed about the rock star lifestyle. You can get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, or even more, just by performing on stages in front of tons of people. Imagine playing your guitar or drums to your heart’s content night after night. Of course, your sleep schedule might be a little rough and you probably won’t get to sleep in your own bed very often, but amazing thousands of people all over the world with your rock star talent is surely something to be envious of.

Video Game Designer

Sure, you can sit around for hours on end playing your favorite video games, but imagine actually getting paid to work in the video game field. With a degree in graphic design, you could be on your way to designing video games from your own imagination, and the pay is not something to complain about either. In the first three years, the average salary is around $46,000 annually. Then, after six or more years of designing video games, your salary may jump up to around $70,000.

Safeguard Your Income

With all that money you could be making, you’ll definitely want to make sure your finances are well protected. Imagine what would happen if you got sick and couldn’t make your performances for a few weeks or if you injured your hands and couldn’t work for a while. This can really put you in a bind when it comes to paying for your monthly bills and providing for you and your family. So, look into income insurance, which can provide peace of mind in case you ever are unable to work for a while.

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