How to Market Yourself Through Social Media

by Rich DeMatteo on February 19, 2014 · 0 comments

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If you think a sparkling job campaign just involves a sharp interview manner and flawless CV, you may want to reconsider. In the last few years, the social media explosion has sparked a range of new channels for job hunters to connect with recruiters and showcase their best professional selves – a fact that has seen online savvy play a crucial role in winning your dream role.

Make consistency your religion

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful asset for jobseekers – an April 2013 survey conducted by talent consultancy Lee Hecht Harrison found that 48 per cent of potential candidates surf Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a bid to get ahead. However, many jobseekers fail to realise that missing headshots, empty profiles or conflicting details across digital platforms can wreak havoc with their professional brand. That’s why maintaining a consistent message throughout social channels can help you stand out from the pack.

Use LinkedIn to full effect

So you’ve filled out your LinkedIn profile and aren’t sure why it’s not generating hits? It’s because the world’s leading professional-networking platform features powerful capabilities that most candidates don’t put to good use. Whether it’s ignoring the chance to provide a professional summary, overlooking the skills section or failing to use recommendations to provide social proof, an incomplete LinkedIn profile sends red flags to recruiters. It’s better to make the most of it instead.

Separate your professional and social selves

If you’re prone to posting party pictures and expletive-ridden statuses on Facebook, it’s time to change your game. In January, Forbes reported that researchers at Northern Illinois University in the US could predict employees’ job performance based on brief reviews of a candidate’s Facebook page. This means you need to invest time to understand the social network’s privacy settings and ensure that the information you share demonstrates your employability and highlights your professional goals.

Illustrate your industry engagement

For most hiring managers and leading recruitment agencies, such as Robert Half, dream employees are ambitious, engaged individuals with a genuine investment in their career path. Luckily, social media has made it easier than ever for candidates to highlight a passion for their industry and interest in central issues. Whether it’s using LinkedIn discussion boards to broadcast useful resources or embracing Twitter’s ability to share bite-sized information or relevant links, drawing on the power of social to highlight your career credentials may be your best job seeking strategy yet.

The hype surrounding social media can make it difficult to understand what advice to embrace and discard. However, maintaining a consistent social presence, demonstrating your engagement with industry issues and carefully curating your details can help you strike professional gold.

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