Passengers, Pilots and Crew: Top Tech for Today’s Multi-Tasking Flight Attendants

by Rich DeMatteo on March 23, 2017 · 0 comments

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If you’ve ever been on a plane, you will have seen a flight attendant in action. Responsible for keeping passengers safe and comfortable during their flight, flight attendants have a huge array of tasks and responsibilities whilst on duty. Expected to remain professional despite the onset of jet lag, flight attendants have it tougher than most of us realize.

Often encountering multiple time zones every single month, flight attendants work harder than most to beat the negative symptoms associated with jet lag. But luckily, the world of technology has understood the greater needs of flight attendants in this matter and has responded with a huge selection of gadgets and apps specifically focused on helping flight attendants beat jet lag and remain focused on their tasks ahead. So, if you’re a flight attendant looking for a helping hand in coping with multi-tasking across different time zones, read on to discover some of today’s top solutions!

FlightLife Crew Organizer

Expertly designed to be used by flight attendants and other cabin crew members, FlightLife Crew Organizer has everything you need to keep your flight schedule up-to-date and organized at all times. Offering a clear, user-friendly calendar view of all your upcoming flights, trips, training days and any other work-related events, this app allows you to plan ahead and know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing each day of the week.

Preparation is essential for giving your body the best chance of beating jet lag and, as a flight attendant, this is much easier said than done. But with FlightLife Crew Organizer by your side, you can analyze which time zones you’ll be facing in the coming weeks and establish whether any overlap.

Alarm Clock for Me 

Late nights and early mornings are common for flight attendants and, when paired with sudden time zone differences, it can become extremely challenging.

But this alarm clock app for Android smartphones is a great way to not only wake you up on time but also help you get to sleep too! Offering an innovative sleep timer feature, this app can play either relaxing music or white noise, clinically proven to induce sleepiness.


Likely to become your no.1 stop for all local reviews, Yelp is a firm favorite among millions. If you find yourself due a long layover in a brand-new city, check out Yelp where you’ll find reviews of all local restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions.

Ideal if you quickly need somewhere to stay for the night or are simply looking for something to do to kill some time, Yelp will instantly provide locations and reviews of almost every establishment in the local area for you to explore.

Whilst being a flight attendant allows you to explore places you may never have otherwise been able to go to, there’s no denying it’s challenging aspects. But as long as you remain organized and on-top of upcoming time zone changes you’re due to experience, you’re certain to be feeling less tired and more productive as the weeks continue!

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