Would a career in gambling leave you looking like a King or a Joker?

by Rich DeMatteo on September 3, 2014 · 0 comments

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Have you ever wished your hobby could become your job? Spending your days doing something you enjoy can be quite appealing. Of course some hobbies aren’t conducive to providing an income while others are. Yet many others are. Take for instance, casino gambling. Successful players find that they make quite a bit of money playing their favourite casino games. Given their success, they consider trying to make gambling a full time job.

You have to consider the game at which you want to make a living playing. Not all casino games are ideal choices for this. The reason is that some casino games which you can also play here have the odds stacked against you from the beginning. The best careers are made playing games with odds that are better for the player. Any time you play a casino game against the house, the odds are always in their favour. However, if you’re playing a game against other people the house’s odds don’t figure into the game. If playing a card game, the cards as well as the skills of the players determine who wins. This is why when you find many professional gamblers they often are poker players. Poker is a game that you can easily make a career out of. This isn’t to say that it is totally impossible to be a career blackjack or roulette player but those games are simply more difficult to make a living playing.

Preserving your bankroll for the long term is important for full time gamblers. This means you need to avoid making risky plays that you don’t believe you have a chance of being successful with. You will deplete your bankroll and lower your rate of return. This rate of return will determine your overall income. Also, keep in mind that your paydays with gambling will be erratic so plan accordingly.

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