Weekend YouTube Update – Obama disses Kanye

by Rich DeMatteo on September 21, 2009 · 0 comments

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Please welcome ‘Weekend YouTube Update’ to Corn on the Job.  What is this all about you ask?  Ok, well lets be honest, you hate Monday mornings.  Continuing on the honest train, lets have an open conversation about YouTube.  You absolutely love YouTube, and you are definitely watching it while at work.  Starting to understand the value of ‘Weekend YouTube Update’?  What I’ve done is hopefully found a way to ease you back into work mode, while also directing critical, crucial, and possibly life saving news to your world.  Maybe not every Monday morning, but I’ll go with most Monday’s you’ll find a clip, or clips from my weekend search on YouTube.  This category provides a completely off-topic area for yours truly to enjoy.  Let’s use todays YouTube clip as an example:

Weekend YouTube Update #1 – Obama Disses Kanye


  1. Watching Obama back track after releasing his comment is very enjoyable to me
  2. Obama is pro Taylor Swift
  3. I believe the President just asked for some slack

What do you think?

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