Weekend YouTube Update – Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest, Twitter, and you.

by Rich DeMatteo on October 12, 2009 · 0 comments

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Ben Stiller is a god in my opinion, and after coming across the below video I’m man-crushing the guy even more.  Corn Heads not on Twitter won’t understand the humor, but my Tweeple will agree when I say this video is completely spot on in emulating a needy, annoying, and desperate Twitter user.  Under the video you’ll see my comments.


  1. There are hundreds of actors that would be funnier than Ryan Seacrest in a “bro-mance” comedy.  Don’t scare me Ben.
  2. Ryan Seacrest now has almost has 2.5 million followers.  Ben Stiller only has a bit over 500K.  Terrible.
  3. Lesson A – Never ask someone for a “shout out” on Twitter.  That also goes for RT (re-tweets), recommendations, #FollowFriday, etc.  Desperation smells awful.  Write solid tweets and promote other users that have similar interests and  your name will surely be tossed around in other tweets.  Just don’t ask for it, be better than that.
  4. Lesson B – Don’t make false claims.  In social media, your reputations all you have.
  5. Is “Seacrest out” still funny?
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