Why Business Cards Are Fundamental for Networking in 2017

by Rich DeMatteo on January 26, 2017 · 0 comments

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Today’s digital age has made life more convenient than ever, with thousands of websites and apps that bring us virtually anything our hearts desire. These tools are a huge part of how businesses are succeeding in the marketplace—yet they can only take you so far.

When it comes to networking, there’s no substitute for meeting someone in person with a good old-fashioned handshake. You can make deeper connections with people when you’re standing face-to-face with them than you can from behind a screen.

But when it’s time to leave, how do you make sure they’ll stay in touch with you? After all, you can’t send a friend request or make them “follow” you in real life. You could pull out your phones to trade contact information, or scribble your info on a napkin if there’s no paper nearby. Or, you could be ready with a business card.

Business cards are a great way to network with people, because they’re a tangible reminder of who you are. And while technology is improving every day, handing out a business card is still quicker than adding a contact in a mobile device.

The best part is that today’s business cards are even more adept at establishing good contacts than their predecessors. They’re using the latest design methods—such as 3D, edible, or dual-purpose cards—to catch clients’ attention.

Want to establish better connections at your next networking event? You’ll need to check out these 8 tried-and-true business card design tips from the creative team at Company Folders.

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