Corn on the Job is Hiring a Virtual Social Media Intern

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by Rich DeMatteo on July 22, 2012 · 3 comments

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When I started Corn on the Job in July of 2009, I was honestly just looking for a hobby.  However, it wasn’t long before I realized this “hobby” would become much more.  To my disbelief, job seekers, recruiters, HR professionals and other bloggers from around the world were reading my articles, commenting, and featuring Corn on the Job.

Corn on the Job also opened the door to some fantastic opportunities:

  • #JobHuntChat – launched in 2010 and was the very first twitter chat for job seekers and recruiters to connect.
  • A career coaching business that is run through Corn on the Job.  I was fortunate enough to bring my experience and education to help many readers a 1-on-1 with their own job search.
  • Bad Rhino Social Media – I co-founded a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2011 called Bad Rhino.  The company is taking off and we have a growing team of awesome social media marketers.

When I started Corn on the Job, my time was spent solely focused on growing it and building it up.  Things have changed slightly, and as you can see above, my time is now spent growing a number of businesses.  To ensure that Corn on the Job is constantly growing and consistently evolving, I’ve decided that it’s time to bring in some fresh ideas and give someone an opportunity to help Corn on the Job reach it’s full potential.

Who is the ideal “Corny Intern”?

Because Corn on the Job is essentially driven by Social Media, we’re looking for an intern with major experience in this area.  As for all of the corny qualifications, let me list them out for you!

  • Must have experience with Twitter and Facebook
  • Must understand how to use WordPress
  • Is interested in learning how to use awesome social media marketing tools and systems to grow a business
  • Must have a quirky and fun attitude and be ready to brainstorm creative ways to reach job seekers through blogging, twitter, facebook, and other channels
  • Must be available between 5-10 hours per week

What awesome things will the intern accomplish?

  • Brainstorm creative ideas for awesome and innovative blog posts
  • Communicate with the Corn on the Job community on Twitter and Facebook
  • Publish and Schedule blog posts utilizing a number of Social Media Tools (considering that Corn on the Job is linked to Bad Rhino, we have some fantastic tools for the intern to learn)
  • Reach out to other publications and bloggers to gain guest blog posts
  • Help coordinate and develop contests and promotions through social media

How do you apply?

I should first say that the internship will start mid August or ASAP if the ideal intern is found quickly.  The internship will run until December, and can be extended if it works for both sides.  It will be an unpaid, virtual internship.

To apply, just go ahead and do the following:

  1. Send an email to CornOnTheJob@gmailDOTcom.
  2. In the email, explain in 3-4 paragraphs why you want this internship and why I should select you.  I’m not going to call it a cover letter, so don’t attach one, just write it out in the body of the email.
  3. Include your resume so I can check out your experience.
  4. Make sure to include in the email how many hours you’re available per week.  Ideally, having someone for 5-10 hours per week will be best, but let me know what works best for you.


Let me know if you have any questions here in the comments section.  Good luck!

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