How to Creatively Network for Your Job Search (guest blog from Sam Diener)

This post was guest blogged by Sam Diener of The Sam Diener Blog. Sam has built a name for himself in the ever important networking arena.  His articles cover critical aspects of networking from various angles, providing powerful information to his readers.  Go pick his brain at and enjoy Sam’s guest appearance on COTJ. So […]

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Weekend YouTube Update – Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest, Twitter, and you.

Ben Stiller is a god in my opinion, and after coming across the below video I’m man-crushing the guy even more.  Corn Heads not on Twitter won’t understand the humor, but my Tweeple will agree when I say this video is completely spot on in emulating a needy, annoying, and desperate Twitter user.  Under the […]

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What can Joaquin Phoenix teach us about switching careers? Do you have street cred?

The embarrassing decline of Joaquin Phoenix Towards the end of 2008 shocking reports surfaced that Joaquin Phoenix was switching careers.  Phoenix declared that his accomplished acting career was over, and immediately focused on pursuing a hip-hop music career.  Anyone who saw “Walk the Line” and his excellent portrayal of Johnny Cash might not have been too surprised […]

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The Office performs Parkour

Since I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and write, I figured the least I could do was send a comical clip from “The Office”.  Enjoy!

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This is your personal brand. This is your life. This is MeritBuilder.

When you look back at all of the positive experiences you’ve encountered in life, from kindergarten up until present time, you are in essence taking a look at your personal brand.  These positive experiences formed who you are today, and why you are successful in your career, as well as why you’re an asset to your company. […]

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Obama proposes multibillion-dollar plan to boost US community colleges

President Barack Obama makes an appearance twice in the same week on Corn on the Job, becoming the first president to do so.  Congratulations Barack. President Obama proposed a 10-year multibillion-dollar initiative to help improve community college programs in the United States.  The objective is to basically re-train Americans as a result of the volatile […]

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Poll Of The Week #6: Which resume writing/interview preparation service would help you most?

Thanks to those for voting in this weeks poll!  Here are the results: First Place:  60% – Resume Editing (using existing resume) Second Place: 13% –  Cover Letter Creation AND Interview Preparation Third Place: 7% – Full Resume Writing (from scratch) AND Accomplishment Creation Fourth Place: 0% – Reference Verification Resumes are important, don’t let […]

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Weekend YouTube Update – Obama disses Kanye

Please welcome ‘Weekend YouTube Update’ to Corn on the Job.  What is this all about you ask?  Ok, well lets be honest, you hate Monday mornings.  Continuing on the honest train, lets have an open conversation about YouTube.  You absolutely love YouTube, and you are definitely watching it while at work.  Starting to understand the […]

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Meet Kevin Smiley, Philadelphia’s latest successful sidewalk job seeker…

In the beginning of August I wrote a story about two La Salle graduates struggling to find employment. Down on their luck, and out of ideas, the recent graduates ran out into the street dressed their best and made it their mission to distribute their resume to the masses.  The article expressed my praise towards […]

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4 Tips on How to Ask For a Raise in a Recession

Asking for a raise in normal economic conditions can be a bit hairy, but doing so in our current economic state just stinks.  During tough times, some believe it’s career suicide to have a discussion about salary with a supervisor.  That may be the case, but if you truly are underpaid, as well as a […]

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